Fear Not The Terrain!

Given the primary importance of soil health to our future, it is not surprising that there is a tremendous amount of research constantly being undertaken into soil dynamics and function.
One of the biggest challenges for land-owners is keeping on top of the flow of soil information and determining what insights will be beneficial to their management systems.

Soil Expedition is an initiative of Injekta’s to assist our clients to keep abreast of the latest scientific research and commercial developments in the world of soil and its relationship to farm profitability.

Every week, Injekta will be providing an update on the most interesting and relevant published work and news stories in the field or key developments in the market.

To assist farmers and advisors to make the most of these developments, Injekta has built the Soil Expedition App.

Accessible through your iPhone or via the Injekta website, Soil Expedition aims to keep you up to date and as our Soil Expedition motto states, ‘Fear not the terrain’!