Soils: Our ally against climate change

30 May

Absolutely Breathtaking Photography by Jim Richardson

30 May

We have stumbled across a photographer who seems to really appreciate the beauty of the most complex material in the world. Jim Richardson is a photographer for the magazine 'National Geographic'. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. What...[Read More]

The Importance of Nutrient Content of Seed

30 October

As Harvest ’15 is now well underway and many growers have their minds set on planting next year we all start looking at strategies for improving crop performance next year. One strategy is retaining seed from harvest this year, with focus...[Read More]

This week on Soil News – Nutrition

23 April

This week we will be explaining the different types of nutrition in a practical sense. Nutrition is not only essential for a plants metabolic processes, but also for its health; the right nutrition can give the plant the right defines to fight...[Read More]


23 November

Image credit: Sometimes when people explain what trace elements are doing in a plant, we can start to think we need a PhD in Chemistry and Physics. This is certainly not the case. The basic concept behind trace elements is quite...[Read More]


23 October

Electrolytes! No you don't need to be filling your boom sprays with the latest and greatest sports drink, you simply need to look at the concentrations and ratios of Sodium, Calcium, K, & Mg in your soil. Electrolytes are able to carry an...[Read More]

Building Materials

23 November

A plant can be thought of as a house. A house running on solar power. To build the house, you require several nutrients in large proportions, some a lot more than others; Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen: =carbohydrate...[Read More]

Incorporating Wetting and Non-wetting Sands

16 October

These photos came from a farm we visited who had delved his non wetting sand, aiming to incorporate the wetting sand beneath. The results are visually obvious. It is important to consider the pros and cons of delving, as it may take away the ability...[Read More]

So Little is So Much in Furrow

16 October

These photos are a great example of how so little can do much, particularly in furrow. We performed a pH test on the different layers in the soil pit, which gave neutral and alkaline results, we then performed a 'fizz' test on the soil using...[Read More]

Water Channeling

16 May

The GRDC recently released a report on managing water repellent soil with different cultivation strategies. The image above shows Variation in soil water movement (blue dye) between cultivated (b and d) and no-till (a and c) non-wetting soil. The...[Read More]

Soil Expedition to Great Gilgandra Ground

9 July

As the season starts to edge to a close, made quicker by the 4 days of above 35 degrees C, it’s still a great opportunity to get down some holes and see what the crops have been able to draw on for the season. This week took us on a Soil...[Read More]

Managing EC in a sandy soil

9 October

This is a soil from a soil pit at Paruna in the South Australian Mallee reviewed in the last few days. As the sandy soil has dried down the salts accumulated above the thin band of elluviated clay are clearly evident. The EC changes rapidly in this...[Read More]